Our Winning Equation

Experience. Our experience gives us the foresight to handle common ploys and bargaining tactics acquirers commonly utilize.

+ Dedication. We typically spend over one-thousand hours finding acquirers, solving problems and pushing your sale forward in order to increase the chances of a deal closing.

+ Successfull proven process. Our process of garnering interest, obtaining the best offers and working diligently to close has been proven over many successful transactions.

+ Knowledge. Our knowledge about M&A tax and legal issues helps us guide your attorney and CPA in the right direction, saving you valuable time and money.

+ Contacts. Our industry contacts go out of their way to help us succeed on your transaction.

+ Responsiveness. In M&A, most potential acquirers are evaluating a significant number of opportunities. If your team isn't quick to respond, they will forget or move on. Responsiveness is a key element in M&A success.

+ Discretion. We know your business means everything to you and we treat it as our own. As business owners, we understand you don't want your employees or customers to find out until the right time. Our controlled process ensures information is shared on your terms.


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