I Am Being Approached to Sell

When a buyer contacts you, it usually comes unexpectedly and comes in one of several forms: a phone call, email, letter, visit at a trade show from the CEO or their investment banker. Such a contact is generally the ultimate compliment to you. As a result, most CEO's, no matter how business savvy, are so ecstatic that they tend to forget common sense and negotiation basics without realizing it.

The first two conversations between companies generally set the power balance, tone, value and success of the acquisition and so it is critical to get it right starting at the first discussion. So how does a CEO of a smaller business "stack the deck" in his or her favor?

Our guide to the M&A process is a great place to learn some basic strategies. A great first step includes determining how much your company is worth in order to obtain a mental starting point and learn what is "market" for your company. No matter where you are in a specific negotiation with a buyer, we can increase your chances of closing the deal and on your terms.

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