Why Use Orion?

Orion Capital Group is an M&A firm that only focuses on mergers and acquisitions and preparing your company for the most valuable exit possible. We lead our clients through the entire process of planning, finding acquirers, negotiating the best possible terms, managing due diligence and closing the transaction.

As former business owners, corporate M&A specialists, investment bankers, and private equity group management, the principals and deal team at Orion Capital Group have substantial buy-side and sell-side experience and understand what you need. And we deliver! This means:

  • Reasonable and Transparent Costs. We lay out our complete fee structure so you know what to expect. Our fees are mostly success-based which means that if we cannot sell your company, your overall fees will be minimal.
  • Connections. Our large footprint in various industries allows us to use our connections to your advantage. We know how acquirers think and how their investment criteria change as markets change.
  • Global. Our principals have spent extensive time overseas and understand the various financial markets and cultures which allows us to proactively focus on foreign acquirers if the fit is right.
  • Experience. We know how to close transactions and we understand your priorities. Moreover, we know how acquirers think and know how to avoid the tricks and traps they use on sellers not represented by a strong team. This experience allows us to prevent and overcome surprises when they arise.
  • Tenacity. Once we have been engaged, we work non-stop to get your deal closed. Time is the biggest deal killer and it is important to get your deal done quickly.
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